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Connecting People and Ecosystems

We enable people to collect and share their information in a privacy-preserving manner by taking back control over their own digital identities. We facilitate frictionless data exchange between people, organizations and ecosystems.

Verifiable Data for Instant Onboarding

Onboard users seamlessly with a Bring-Your-Own-Identity architecture for users and employees. Avoid costly and slow data verification processes, repetitive forms and become compliant with the privacy-laws of today and tomorrow.

Impierce Technologies provides the next-generation IDentity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with Self-Sovereign Identity and eIDAS technologies. Connect your business with an ecosystem of users which provide instantly verifiable information. Our software helps your business and users to frictionlessly enter into this ecosystem with a focus on privacy and cybersecurity.

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Benefits for Business


Improved User Experience

No more endlessly repeated forms for user data. Ease onboarding with a single data request that auto-fills their data.


Instantly Verifiable Information

Reduce fraud and overall risk by receiving data from your customers that can automatically be verified.



Re-request data whenever absolutely necessary and perform maximum data minimization.

Benefits for Users


by Design

You decide how much data you share and with who. With data minimilization techniques you share only what is necessary.


Centraly Update and Proof your Data

Manage your data in one wallet. Share your updated data with service providers from one location.


One Password to Rule them All

Reuse your one digital identity across many platforms. No more individual accounts and passwords.

Our Services


Manage your company (customer) identity and access infrastructure from a single dashboard. A platform to manage data pipelines and design data verification flows. Connect with different ecosystems and manage trust.


Identity Wallet

Manage your data from a single application. Connect with different ecosystems and share your data from the highly secure ID wallet. This open-source app protects your privacy with all your data being stored only locally on your device, with no external tracing.


Learn & Experience Digital Identity

Learn about new identity technologies such as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) or eIDAS with our customized in-house training.

Experience the technology with customized demonstration and collaborative pilots.


Impierce Technologies BV is a social enterprise established in the Netherlands that focuses on providing services and products for Digital Identity technologies such as Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and eIDAS. We combine our societal goals of privacy for all and being a healthy employer with entrepreneurial spirit and commercialization.

We take our responsibility within this industry seriously and are dedicated to delivering solutions with sustainable business models based on the principles of fairness, transparency and privacy while having a positive impact on society.


We envision a world where privacy and digital trust are the default.


We build products and services to support the adoption of privacy-friendly identity technologies that generate tangible benefits for individuals, societies, and the ecosystems they inhabit.


We build digital systems that help humanity respond to the challanges of the 21st century around unfair and unsustainable business models, privacy and digital trust. As an organisation we want to lead by example by having a fair business model, be an excellent employer and transparent to our stakeholders.


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